Working as an Osteopath or Naprapath in the Cayman Islands ❤️

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  • Published on July 23

Cayman Islands is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Its currency is fifth most expensive in the world (more expensive than the US$ & EURO). CI is a beautiful, clean, health oriented, environmentally friendly, super clean country, with amazing people. Everyone is happy here. People smile and say hello to you on the streets and the customer service everywhere I go is the best I have ever seen in my life! Its beaches and the crystal clear blue waters are routinely ranked as the best in the world. ❤️

The Islands need more osteopaths & naprapaths but immigrating to the island is quite restrictive and not easy to do. As it is a wealthy country, there is a potential to have a high income career here and therefore everyone wants to move here. The massage therapy in the hotel I am staying this month costs $400/hour (Canadian dollars) for example, which is one of the most expensive massage fees I have ever seen! ❤️

Aside from those who are millionaires, immigrating to Caymans, getting a work permit and permanent residency is a complicated process and follows a point system, which not everyone can pass.

Most tourists & permanent residents in the Cayman Islands are from the United States and as such the Cayman Islands heavily rely on the US accreditation system. Therefore it is highly recommended for those osteopaths and/or naprapaths who wish to immigrate to the Cayman Islands to get their degrees evaluated/approved in the United States by a Foreign Credential Evaluation agency, such as California University FCE. Membership in an American association such as the American Naprapathic Association (founded in 1907) and the American Association of Osteopathic Manual Practitioners (founded in 2016) is also highly beneficial.

Those who are lucky enough to obtain a work permit in the Cayman Islands will enjoy a luxury, relaxed life style in a health oriented wealthy country. The bonus is that there is no personal income tax so what they make, they keep! ❤️😀

Shawn Pourgol