NEW WEBINAR SERIES for 2022 A Manual Approach to Treating the Unsettled Baby

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  • By Mum & Baby CPD Webinars
  • Published on August 17

Starting Tuesday 11th October 2022 at 19.00 (UK time) and running for 6 consecutive weeks

‘Unsettled/fussy’ baby is a term often used to describe a host of behaviours in the first few months of life. These behaviours include excessive & inconsolable crying, sleep disorders, feeding and digestive problems, colic, reflux & silent reflux, apparent abdominal pain, trapped wind, straining to defecate, infant dyschezia, failure to burp, excessive flatulence and others.

Unsettledness is rarely just one thing, but most often a whole cluster of signs & symptoms.

In this 6 part webinar series we discuss what may underpin this unsettled behaviour – why babies cry, do they feel pain and what may be the source of this pain. We examine in detail, the input of the Autonomic Nervous System, Vagus Nerve & Vestibular System, current knowledge about Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, Colic, Constipation & Infant Dyschezia.

Our focus is to understand when a practical hands on approach may be helpful, and what techniques we could consider using.

As with all our other ‘hands-on’ courses and videos, we include lots of unique graphics to explain the applied anatomy. All our techniques are filmed on real babies or dolls, and we provide a supporting interactive question and answer session after every webinar.

Each Webinar covers a different aspect of the topics involved, and is delivered as a one hour presentation followed by a 30 minute discussion and Q&A with Miranda Clayton.

Following the Webinar, you will be able to view both the presentation & the Q&A on our video platform for a further 8 weeks. This means that you do not have to view ‘live’ but can study in your own time.

We will be broadcasting one Webinar a week, for 6 weeks.

For more information, please go to our website.